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Refund Policy

All sales for fine art original works are final.  No returns accepted, no refunds available.  I encourage you to do as much research into the size and weight of an artwork you are interested in, so that you are certain of making a purchase that fits into the space you want it to go. I want everyone to be happy with their purchase, but will not refund or re-inventory a purchased original artwork. 


Prints will be accepted for refund or exchange up to 3 months after the purchase date, as long as they are in the condition they were sold as.  Obviously damaged or altered prints will not be accepted.  

Thank you for being a responsible customer!

Download Policy

Im not sure if Im going to offer downloadable material or not yet, but in the case I do, i can at least tell you that all downloaded content will be strictly for your own personal use (desktop/mobile wallpaper, i.e.) and not for resale or use with commercial/business enterprises.  For use in print, advertisement, or promotion please contact me about a leasing agreement and copyright permissions.   

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